Grace E. Sutherland

Office: BSB A448R




2019 - M.S. in Environmental Science

Baylor University, TX, US

2017 - B.S. in Environmental Science (Suma Cum Laude)

Alma College, MI, US


Grace joined the Lavado lab in August of 2017 after completing her B.S. degree, and completed her M.S. degree in May 2019 at Baylor. Her research interests include environmental contaminants that bioactivate after metabolic processes, and how these toxicants can negatively impact both the aquatic environment, as well as the human population. Adiditonally, she is interested in processes such as trophic transfer and biomagnification. Grace's research focused on utilizing human cells to develop a co-culture in vitro system that mimics the human digestive system. By examining metabolites from one cell line, and observing their impact on subsequent cells involved in digestion, a better understanding of bio-activated daughter compounds and potential toxicity was gained.

As an advocate for scientific communication and outreach, Grace took her research from the lab and brought it to the surrounding communities, through organizations such as BU SETAC and Present your PhD. Grace was also a member of Baylor's Women in the Academy organization, and hopes to become a future mentor for other women eager to join the scientific community. 

Through Grace's past experiences as an undergraduate, as well as her more recent research in the field of environmental toxicology, her passion for environmental preservation has only grown. Grace hopes to establish a career that not only protects the environment, but also her community, and ultimately leaves this world in a condition better than when she started environmental research. Grace is now a...

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